Analysis of players

Analysis of players
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Analysis of Players

If you explore how your opponents play and want to better know and understand their weak or strong lines, you can now get an analysis of a particular player based on your handhistory.

The player analysis with preflop and postflop details:
preflop ranges, line lists for exploiting, list of weak and strong strategy lines, also their postflop ranges etc.

Also, this analysis can be used to search fast for leaks in your own play, to find and correct lines where you can be exploited often.

More information:
You send us hands you have played, and we compose a detailed report on your play.
The report can cover both you and your opponents. The players are analyzed base on hands you have played; then report files are composed, wherein a player’s sample is given.

Example of report ENG: PS-NL100SH-NickName-51695_eng.xls
* example of report for search and correction of leaks in your game

Analysis is available for limits from NL100/PLO100 up to NL1k/PLO1k HU/SH/FR

Why do I need analysis of players?

Analysis of players and reaching of their weaknesses/mistakes allows to improve correction of your strategy, thus finding out more profitable play lines against your opponents.

You can study your opponents’ play on your own by using Hm2/PT4 filters and/or pop-ups with extra stats (e.g. Notecaddy Pro.Tools) and revealing places where their strategy is the most imperfect.

Extra information on players helps to see where their ranges are weaker or stronger: a strong donk-bet, lightly calls raises or other situations; this information helps to play your hands in a more optimal way, thus avoiding value bets from your opponent, and select situations which are more favourable for bluffing.

What information can I get?

A report covers stats on preflops and postflops with additional data on ranges and the stats vs average values.


• ranges of raise and callsспектры рейзов и коллов
• strength of ranges
• profit in games situation


• total number of leaks (PFR / Caller / 3bet / Call 3bet)
• statistics of cbets and folds on different board textures
• statistics of bets and folds to bet
• list of lines when you can bluff more against opponent (lines where opponent makes folds more often)
• list of lines when you can make for more valuebets against opponent (lines where opponent makes calls more often)
• list of the lines where strength of ranges is shifted to the bluffs or valuebets

For what Average Values (vs Average)?

An average value is a general parameter, which tells us how an action is completed in average:
An average 3bet, average fold on C-bet, or average hand strength are not optimum parameters to strive for if you want to improve your play.
These parameters only allow us to make comparisons. For example, in mathematics, there is a zero reference point, while in poker, there are average values across a gamefield.

There are regulars who play wider ranges, with each range’s strength being lower than an average one, but a higher win rate.
An average is needed for general comprehension when you conduct a relative analysis of a parameter.

Clarification: the system calculates average values for every action.

Parameters of data

Number of hands: min 20k
Statistics: Preflop, Postflop
Data: Statistics of actions in percents, Statistics of action with ranges
Number of lines for analysis: Stats and ranges 678, Postflop leaks 2236

Name of file
PS – Poker room
NL100SH – Game limit
NickName – Name of playes
51695 – Number of hands of player

Statistics in file

PreFlop: Preflop statistics of Preflop raiser actions
(1st Raise / isoRaise / Fold to 3bet / Call3bet and etc.)
Common stats and positional stats.
vsPFR: Preflop statistics against Preflop raiser (Call Open / 3bet / Fold 4bet and etc.)
4Bets: Preflop statistics for Squeeze and Cold 4bet
Bets: Preflop statistics for action with different betsizes
Total: Total information about number of leaks on postflop
PFR / Caller / 3bet / Call 3bet: Detailed information about leaks on postflop

Structure of Dataх

PreFlop / vsPFR

PFR: 46  - total preflop raise
15 – as preflop raise different from the average at this limit
0,86 – Winrate of preflop raiser
42 – as winrate of preflop raiser is different from the average at this limit
Hands (66+,22-33,A8s-A7s,ATs+,A4s-A3s,KTs-K4s…) – range of preflop raiser
2 – as strength of hand range is different from the average at this limit

vs Average and Strength vs Avg. – indicators of how player statistics differs from the average at this limit

4Bet / Bets

Cbet 40-60% – % of cbets on turn with this betsizing 40-60% pot
Cbet/Fold 40-60% – Cbet/Fold or fold to raise cbet with betsizing 40-60% pot


Statistics of actions on various boards structures

A-KQJ – A-high board and K or Q or J
A-Low - A-high board no K/Q/J/T
Paired – Paired board
Low (9-high)
Str Draw – Street draw board
Flush Draw

PFR / Caller / 3bet / Call 3bet

This group of data intended for a more detailed analysis post-flop of players.

In it information with what lines player folds more often or use value bets with his strong hands, also lists on lines with the ranges where the weak and strong hands.

List of lines for bluffs against player

Lines when player folds more often

List of lines for value bets against player

Lines when player calls more often

List of lines with Weak and Strong range

Lines with ranges that will help you understand how your opponent is playing certain lines


Example of records and statistics

Call check-raise Cbet Flop: 46% ( +12% )

Кол чек-рейз Сбет Флоп – action PFR IP
46% - frequency of the action
+12% - as the frequency of this action differs from the average            

Two Pair/One Board-2,Pair/Board,Inside Straight Draw – range of this action

Description or report: Description pdf (ENG)


Skype: NoteCaddy.ProTools

Price of analysis one player
NL100: $11
NL200: $21
NL400: $40
NL600/1k+: information in skype

(discount up to 25% with purchase of several reports)

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