H2N Pro.Tools: Information about Dinamic HUD in Hand2Note

Dynamic HUD and Dynamic STATs

Hand2Note Pro.Tools packages : professional HUDs and ready-made solutions that allow you to better understand how villains play against you.
Pro.Tools is all the necessary volume of stats and HUDs, so that it is convenient to use all the available Hand2Note functionality.

What are Dynamic HUDs and Dynamic Stats?

Positional HUD
: Different composition of stats in the HUD for the players before you and after you. [HUD changes only when changing positions]
Dynamic HUD: HUD changes depending on the actions at the table. [HUD changes on preflop and postflop]
Dynamic Stats: Statistics in HUD automatically become more accurate with the presence of samples. [Statistics change after importing hands].

Positional HUD

A handy feature in Hand2Note, HUD could be more compact and use only those stats that are needed for the player on his position.

1) Position BB: Fold BB vs BTN only when player is on BB and you are on BTN
2) Position SB: Fold SB vs BTN only when player is on SB and you are on BTN
3) Position CO: in HUD preflop statistics for CO position only
1st Raise CO / Fold 3bet COvsBTN / Call 3bet COvsBTN and other


Dynamic HUD

All that is in a positional HUD and blocks in a HUD may vary depending on the actions on the table.

Pro.Tools has 3 different dynamic HUDs:
Pro.Tools noPOPUPs HUD (3 dynamic HUDs)
Pro.Tools PokerMaster HUD (1 dynamic HUD [v2] for straddle and non-straddle tables)
Pro.Tools (1 dynamic HUD with badges)

Dynamic HUDs

Dynamic HUD v1

Dynamic HUD v2

HUD with badges


1) PreFlop: You got 3bet and block for 3bet appeared with preflop and postflop statistics.

2) PreFlop: Player made 1stRaise, another player called, and statistics appeared with how they fold to Squeeze.

3) PostFlop: You made a Bet, player made a Raise and statistics appeared, with which he Raises and how he plays after Raise.

More detail about features and examples of blocks:

Dynamic HUD v1: noPOPUPs v1 (ENG) .PDF / noPOPUPs v1 (RUS).PDF
Dynamic HUD v2: noPOPUPs v2 (ENG).PDF / noPOPUPs v2 (RUS).PDF

Dynamic HUD works in the rooms:
Pacific Network (888 Poker and others)
Winning PokerNetwork
PokerKing Asia

Dynamic STATs

Dynamic stats are used in Positional and Dynamic HUDs.

Players can have a different number of hands, and accordingly, when a large sample, you can use the statistics position vs position, and when there are not enough hands, you need to understand the general game trends.
Dynamic stats automatically become more accurate when there are enough samples on player, so HUD always has statistics that can be used.

Fold to Steal BB vs BTN >>> if no samples … then Fold to Steal BB vs BTN+CO
Fold to 3bet TOTAL >>> becomes more accurate with samples and automatically changes to:
                               Fold to 3bet IP/OOP/ReSteal
                               Fold to 3bet POSITION (EP/MP/CO
и др.)
                               Fold to 3bet Position vs Position

3bet TOTAL > changes to
                               3bet IP/OOP/ReSteal
                               3bet POSITION(EP/MP/CO
и др.)
                               3bet Position vs Position

Dynamic stats: 1stRaise, 3bet, Fold3bet, Call3bet, Fold4bet, SQZ, LIMP, Fold cbet IP/OOP, Cbet IP/OOP and others.
You can use dynamic stats in your HUD, one dynamic HUD is 2-4 normal stats.

Dynamic stats for PreFlop and PostFlop.
Total number of stats: 400-600pcs. depending on the package.

Thanks to our extensive experience in creating of HUDs, we are actively working on improving and adding new features in Pro.Tools collections so that you can quickly get the necessary information during the game.

If you have any questions about Pro.Tools, you can contact via Skype or write to e-mail.

You can test package Pro.Tools within 20 days, details in Skype (Trial 20 days)


E-mail: protools@hand2noteprotools.com
Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools


Skype: Text / Voice (English)
Teamviewer: Help with installation and setup


Latest Updates


Expoitation on PreFlop/PostFlop

You can get free Guide with list of Stats and Numbers that you can use against players at the table.


A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


Projects in developing

» Finding PreFlop / PostFlop leaks for MTT/SNG

More extension opportunities of gameplay analysis, contact with us for more information.