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Hand2Note ProTools Spin&GO

Hand2Note ProTools Spin&GO - HUD to play Spin & GO tournaments and HU SNG with starting stacks of 25bb, popup with advanced statistics.

ProTools Spin&GO– collection was created taking into account the specifics of the game in 3max tournaments, includes all new Hand2Note ability to display information on their opponents, as well as stats and customized popup that will allow a better understanding of opponents and their characteristics in the game.

3 types of HUDs: Small HUD / HUD with HeroStackSize / Max HUD
*All HUDs are allowed in all poker rooms

*2 version of pop-ups with compact and advanced preflop statistics

Popup providing advanced statistics, pre-flop and post-flop ranges, including visual information in a matrix form of preflop ranges.

The collection includes 6 HUDs: 3 HUDs for 3max and 3 HUDs for HU.
All HUDs are positional, ie, HUD is different for BTN, SB and BB positions.

Video presentation

Examples of HUDs for Spin&GO

Small HUD : Compact HUD

HUD wHeroStackSize
: Preflop stats displays depending of your stacksize

: HUD preflop with detailed preflop stats

HUD differences

Small HUD: Designed to play with a small amount of hands
MAX HUD c HeroStack Size: Designed to play with big sample of hands.
HUD displays only the statistics of the playerrelative Hero stack size.

MAX HUD: Designed to play with big sample of hands. 
HUD displays the full game statistics with different effective stacks


Features of package

  • 6 HUDs for 3max and HU gameplay
  • 2 version of pop-ups with compact and advanced preflop statistics
  • Detailed statistics of postflop
  • For all the pre-flop and post-flop stats matrix Range (feature Heat Maps)
    Hand2note Pro.Tools HUD Hand2note Pro.Tools HUD
  • Actions on various boards textures (SRP and 3bet pots)
  • Game statistics in Limp pots
  • Statistics on bet sizing preflop: folds to steal, folds to 3bets with different sizings
  • Statistics of folds with different betsizes
  • Statistics of fold to raise with different betsizes
  • Game statistics vsHero for all stats
  • Statistics showing the wins at showdown (Pink stats: % wins at showdown)
  • Block Bet&Win in popup ShowDown: stats Bet&Win allows you to see what betsizes your opponents use for bluffs and value bets. Pink stats shows wins with different betsizes
  • Stats that shows on what sizes opponents folds more often or call more often. 

Examples of pop-ups Spin&GO:
Main Popup
SB vs BB
SB Limp vs BB
BB vs SB
BB vs Limp SB
3bet BB vs SB
BB vs BTN limp
BTN Limp
BTN vs 3bet
PostFlop BB Caller IP
PostFlop BB SB Caller
PostFlop BTN PFR
PostFlop SB PFR
Total: 15 pop-ups

Examples of pop-ups Spin&GO Max:
Main Popup
SB vs BB

SB Limp vs BB
BB vs SB

BB vs Limp SB

BB vs BTN limp
3bet BB SB
BTN vs 3bet
BTN Limp

Total: 15 pop-ups

Composition of package:

3 HUDs for Spin&GO
3 HUDs for HU SNG (25bb)
Pop-ups HU: 9
Pop-ups Spin&GO: 15
Pop-ups Spin&GO max: 15

PreFlop: 66+ stats
SRP: 230+ stats
3bet pots: 114+ stats
Other stats: 160+

Total amount: 2041 stats

Video with Gameplay

Small HUD

HUD with HeroStackSize


PreFlop and PostFlop BetSizes

  • Betsizing and the size of the effective stacks were combined based on research of gameplay tendencies on Spin&GO $100.

Pro.Tools Spin&GO Package

  • The most comprehensive collection of statistics to play 
  • Number of statistics in the HUD ~180-220 stats
  • 6 HUDs for Spin&GO and HU SNG
  • Bet sizing in the popup are based on research Spin&GO buy-in $100
  • 3bet push and 3bet are separated
  • Extended statistics on preflop action, depending on the size of the stack
  • You can use the collection to analyze your own games

Examples of use pop-ups: PDF


Hand2Note Pro.Tools Spin&GO –  it's a convenient HUD and advanced statistics for postflop gameplay.

Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools

We will be glad to answer any questions on Skype

Available opportunity to test pack Pro.Tools within 20 days, details in Skype

$40: max $7 buy-in
$75: max $30 buy-in
$150: Any limits



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A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


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