Hand2Note ProTools Scatter

Hand2Note ProTools Scatter
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Hand2Note ProTools Scatter

Hand2Note Scatter - this is a graphic display of the sizings power.

A useful feature that allows you to see the statistics of players when using different bets and game play in different effective stacks.
Hand2Note Scatter useful for begginers and progressive professionals.

Hand2Note scatter MTT/SNG Hand2Note Scatter CASH

Not allowed to use on PokerStars.
(Graphic display of range is not permitted on PokerStars)

Version for cash games:
Using bets in SRP / 3BET / 4BET pots: TOTAL and on each street Flop / Turn / River.

Version for tourneys:
The graph shows the statistics of winnings with ALL-IN actions preflop.
PUSH/3BET PUSH/SQZ, and action with LIMP: isoPUSH, iso3BET PUSH.

And the winning graph when was CALL PUSH/CALL 3BET PUSH, CALL SQZ.

In the version for tournaments you can check your game as far as you have the correct push and push calls in different effective stacks up to 20bb.

Hand2Note Scatter can be added to any HUD

Verstion for Cash

Description of TABs:

TOT / SRP / 3BET / 4BET - graphics use betsizes in a different pots.

  TOT General graph for using betsizes
(step of betsize 10%)
Win on FLOP/TURN (non showdown)

  RIVER Win on RIVER'е (with showdown)

  TOTAL 2x General graph for using betsizes
(step of betsize 5%)
  RIVER 2x Win on RIVER (with showdow)
(step of betsize 5%)

Scale of graph
  Scale of betsizes from 5% to overbet

  Scale of winings from 0% to 100%

Version for tourneys MTT/SNG

Description of TABs:

  PUSH Graph of push (preflop ALL-IN)

Graph of push after LIMP (preflop ALL-IN after Limp)

  3BET Graph of 3BET PUSH (preflop 3BET ALL-IN)

  iso3BET Graph of 3BET PUSH when was LIMP and Raise
(preflop 3BET ALL-IN after Limp and Raise)

  SQZ Graph of SQZ PUSH (preflop SQZ ALL-IN)

Scale of graph
  Scale of stack sizes from 3bb to 20bb and 21bb+

  TOT: total win
  Scale of winnings from 0% to 100%

You can test package Pro.Tools within 10 days, details in Skype (Trial 10 days)


E-mail: protools@hand2noteprotools.com
Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools


Skype: Text / Voice (English)
Teamviewer: Help with installation and setup


Skrill / Paypal / WebMoney / PokerStars transfer

$25 Version for cash / tourneys

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