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Hand2Note ProTools MTT/SNG
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Hand2Note ProTools MTT/SNG

Hand2Note MTT/SNG - HUD for 7-9max tourneys, HUD and pop-ups with advanced statistics.

ProTools MTT/SNG –  collection was created taking into account the specifics of the game in 6max tournaments, includes all new Hand2Note ability to display information on their opponents, as well as stats and customized popup that will allow a better understanding of opponents and their characteristics in the game.

9 max

HUD 6max                                                       HUD Heads-Up

*All HUDs are allowed in all poker rooms


An important feature in HUD 6max: stats become more accurate with increase number of hands on opponents.
Detailed information: Description ENG / Description RUS

Features in Pro.Tools MTT/SNG


  • Positional  HUDs
    HUDs for 9max, 6max and Heads-Up: preflop and postflop stats.
    Example: Statistics of Steal for the players before of you, statistics of Fold to Steal for the players after you.
  • Accurate statistics with increase number of hands on opponents.
    Statistics in the HUD changed to a more accurate with increasing number of hands on your opponent.
    Example: Steal changed to 1st raise, in the HUD added stats folds 3bet pushes with the current stack size
  • Compact-Big HUD:
    HUD for 6 max: depending on the number of hands in the HUD are used from 15 to 60 stats.


  • Total and detailed stats, including the actions in different stacks sizes:

HUD 9max tables

HUD for players with less than 250 hands

HUD для игроков впереди Вас

(HUD for those who can be preflop raiser / limper)
HUD для игроков после Вас

HUD for those who could be caller or make 3bet)

HUD for players with more than 250 hands

In HUD adds the stats and stats become more accurate

tats ST = Steal
changes to 1st Raise Total in current position on table
Under stat:
Open Push and 1st Raise

Stats FST = Fold to Steal Total
from CO changes to
FoldtoSteal position vs position
Under stat:
Fold to Steal vs Push and Fold to Steal vs Raise

HUD for players with more than 1500 hands

Stats in HUD deppending of your effective stacksize: 2-9bb/9-14bb/14bb/25bb+ 

Total 1st Raise changed to 1st Raise with current effective stack size vsHero.
Under stat:
Open Push with current effective stack size vsHero
1st Raise with current effective stack size vsHero

Fold to Steal changed to Fold to Steal with current effective stack size vsHero
Under stat:
Fold to Steal with current effective stack size vsHero
Fold to Steal with current effective stack size vsHero

Stacksizes upto 1500 hands

HUD for 6max and Heads-Up

Special HUD 6max and Heads-Up tables
(Different HUDs for SB and BB positions)

6max Heads-Up



List of popups MTT/SNG



9max 6max Heads-Up



PFR v2

Fold 3bet IP

Fold 3bet OOP




Caller IP

Caller OOP




BLINDS vs CO+BTN (max)

BTN vs BLINDS (max)


Composition of package:

1 HUD для MTT/SNG 9max
2 HUDs for SNG 6max
2 HUDs for 3max
2 HUDs for Heads-Up
Pop-ups 6max: 15+
Pop-ups 3max: 15
Pop-ups Heads-Up: 9+

PreFlop: 66+ stats
Single Raised Pots: 230+ stats
3bet pots: 114+ stats
Other statistics: 160+ stats

Total amount: 3240 stats (9max/6max/HU)

Features in Pro.Tools MTT/SNG

  • Increasing the accuracy of stats with the increasing number of hands on
  • The most comprehensive collection of statistics for the MTT/SNG
  • 3bet push and 3bet are separated
  • Advanced statistics on preflop action depending on the sizestack
  • You can use the pack to analyze your own games

Detailed description of Pro.Tools MTT/SNG: Description ENG / Description RUS

Hand2Note Pro.Tools MTT/SNG – this is easy to use HUD and advanced statistics for preflop gameplay.


E-mail: protools@hand2noteprotools.com
Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools

We will be glad to answer any questions on Skype

Available opportunity to test Pro.Tools package within 20 days, details in Skype


Skype: Text / Voice
Teamviewer: Help with installation and setup

$55: max $7 buy-in
$100: max $30 buy-in
$200: any limits

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A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


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