Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+

Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+
Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+ Hand2Note ProTools POKER6+
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* Pro.Tools Poker6+:


Hand2Note ProTools Poker6+

Hand2Note Pro.Tools Poker6+: Collection of stats and pop-ups for SHORT DECK tables.
HUDs and pop-ups for 6 max and Heads-Up.

Depending on the composition and size of the statistics, you can choose the HUD that best suits for the tables and your game.
HUDs are fully adapted for players with different number of samples.

List of HUDs in Pro.Tools package

Static HUD
(HUD for PokerStars)

Adapted HUD for players with different number of hands.

Positional HUD
(HUD with different stats on players depending on your position)

HUD is different in composition stats for players before and after HERO.
Fully adapted for players with different number of samples
Description of BADGES: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
Additional description of badges for sizing on request in Skype/Discord.

Types of HUDs in Pro.Tools package

Static HUDs: Same HUD for all players at the table, HUD like in HM2 and PT4.
Positional HUDs: Different HUD For players before and after you.
Classic positional HUDs for 6/9max tables are available for editing.
Positional HUDs for multi-tabling (compact HUD allowing to play on a big number of tables).
Position Heads-Up HUD for starting 6/9max tables.

Positional HUD with TABs: HUD can be changed manually depending on the actions on the table.
This HUD also has different stats for players depending on the number of hands and samples.
Dynamic HUD with badges: HUD varies depending on the actions on the table.
Badges appear in the HUD, depending on the actions of the players and show preflop and postflop leaks.

By purchasing Pro.Tools you get all the HUDs.

*Static HUD is allowed to use on PokerStars
*Positional HUD is allowed for all other poker rooms

*Dynamic HUD is allowed in Pacific(888), bwin.party, MicroGaming, WinningPoker and iPoker.
*What are dynamic stats? Description.

This Package will allow to understanding game of your opponents better. With using extended statistics you can often find a more optimal line for valuebets and more opportunities for bluffs.

Package Pro.Tools include ready to use popups for 6 max / Heads-Up. Customized convenient popups allow finding quickly demanded information and you will be able to make more often the correct decisions.

For What Hand2Note Pro.Tools?

Package is intended for expansion of your game for exploitation of opponents.
The additional statistics will allow to see better more places where you can use weaknesses of opponents and thanks to what to take additional profit both on a preflop and on a postflop.

For bluff: using high folds on preflop and postflop
For value bets: using lines and that bets when opponents make calls more often.

Action on different board textures, stats of gameplay in different position (SB vs BB, BTN vs Blinds…) and many other things will be available to use thanks to the collection Hand2Note Pro.Tools.

Package composition Hand2Note Pro.Tools


Common PreFlop and PostFlop stats
Positional Preflop stats
Position Postflop (Limp / SRP / 3bet / 4bet)
Statistics vsHero
Statistics HeroStats (how you play against this player)
Game statistics on different textures boards (23 boards group)
Statistics Wins at showdown, frequency of bluffs / valuebets
and others...

Total: ~ 8516 stats
Speed of processing base: ~ 600-1000 hands in seconds (Depending on the size of the database)


Common pop-ups (SRP, 3bet pots, 4bet pots)
Positional pop-ups with PreFlop stats: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, vs3bet
(All positions: Position vs Position)
Positional pop-ups with PostFlop stat: 1st Raise, CallOpen, 3bet, Call3bet
(All positions: Position vs Position)
Additional pop-ups with PreFlopStats: SQZ, 4bet
Pop-ups with Ranges in graphic form: PFR, Caller, 3bet, Call3bet and etc.
and others.

Three colors of pop-ups: Bright / Dark / Grey


Badges System

Badges for PreFlop
1st Raise, Fold to 3bet, CallOpen, 4bet, Fold 4bet, Fold 5bet
and others

Badges for PostFlop
Single raised pots (SRP), 3bet pots, 4bet pots, Limp pots, Limp/Call Pots, MultiWay pots

PreFlop, PostFlop

Total: ~950 badges

Features of Hand2Note Pro.Tools

Positional and Static HUDs
Badges/Informers in HUD

A large amount of statistics, both in the form of% and in the form of graphical information that will allow better understanding of the players.
Thanks to this you can often exploit their weaknesses in the strategy.

The whole useful information is available in the popups, as well as new convenient HUDs ready for use.

and others ...

List of Main Pop-ups

Fold SQZ and more...

Pop-ups for MultiPots (3way+)
and more...  

Description of usage: Description (ENG) / Description PDF(RUS)

Popups with ranges in graph form

In addition to percentage stats, graphical displays of ranges are added.
(Percentage shows % of weak hands)

Examlple of pop-up PFR IP

Ranges for PFR OOP

Ranges for Caller IP

Ranges for Caller OOP

Ranges for BBvsSB
Ranges for SBvsBB

Ranges for BBvsBTN
List of pop-ups with ranges

Ranges display:

Pop-ups in Pro.Tools adapted for players on PokerStars..
Popup supplemented with information on pre-flop and post-flop ranges
You can see a list of the hands, hand history in a compact form and through replayer.

Example of display ranges in pop-up PFR

Example of display ranges in pop-up Blinds vs BTN
* This method of Ranges display is allowed in all poker rooms.

Example of displaying PreFlop and PostFlop ranges on mouse-over on stat
* This method of Ranges display is partly allowed in all poker poker rooms.
Graphical display of ranges is automatically turned off when playing on PokerStars tables.


Display mini badges at high fold to a raise in the relevant stats and folds to a donk bets, as well as informers with number of opponents leaks .

Fold to raise of Cbet on Flop >55% (HUD PFR OOP)
Fold to Donk Bet on Turn >50% (HUD PFR IP)
HUD displays the number of player leaks/exploits:
- Number of leaks/exploits of  PFR IP or PFR OOP or Caller IP or Caller OOP
- Number of leaks/exploits of 3Bet IP or 3Bet OOP or Call 3bet IP or Call 3bet OOP
These informers allow you to see players with more opportunities for the exploitations.

Total amount: more 950 badges
List of badges: Description (ENG)

Hand2Note Pro.Tools – all the required stats for the post-flop game, and the new, easy-to-use quality pop-ups.

Hand2Note Pro.Tools –  adapted to use at different levels of the game, from micro to high stakes. Common statistics on opponents, positional gameplay, a high amount of vsHERO stats, system of stats placement in popups is simple and clear to use at any limit you play.


  • Exploitation users guide/Manual: What stats to use?: Preview (ENG) / Preview (RUS)
    Guide how to use weaks of your opponens and which stats you can use to maximise your profit

  • Import HUD from Hm2 to Hand2Note
    We will make import of HUD that you use in Hm2 to Hand2Note and you will have your HUD in Hand2Note and popups from Pro.Tools package (for free/no extra money)

  • Discounts for Notecaddy Pro.Tools users
    For those who bought early Pro.Tools for Hm2 discounts are available
(for more information on Skype)

Description of usage of pop-ups: Description (ENG) / Description (RUS)
List of badges: Description pdf (ENG) / Description pdf (RUS)

You can test package Pro.Tools within 20 days, details in Skype (Trial 20 days)


E-mail: protools@hand2noteprotools.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/8BUBETS
Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools


Skype: Text / Voice (English)
Discord : Text / Voice (English) / News / Updates / nonPublic info
Teamviewer: Help with installation and setup


Skrill / Paypal / WebMoney / PokerStars transfer
Monthly payment is possible (information in Skype: Hand2Note.ProTools)

$75: NL2 - NL40
$100: NL50
$150: NL100
$200: Any limits

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Expoitation on PreFlop/PostFlop

You can get free Guide with list of Stats and Numbers that you can use against players at the table.


A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


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More extension opportunities of gameplay analysis, contact with us for more information.