H2N: Difference Hand2Note from other programs

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Innovative statistical software providing new broad opportunities for playing and combining ease, high speed and flexible settings. Hand2Note has been designed by professional poker players.

Features Hand2Note:

  • Positional HUD - You can display a different HUD for different positions. 
  • Dynamic HUD - HUD which changes during a hand.
  • STAT → Informational Pop-up - for each stat the additional information pop-up.
  • Quick Notes - Using notes templates for making notes on players. 
  • Analysis of players  - Get information on the player's actions simply on mouse over of the stat. 
  • Speed of processing - High speed, 15-30 minutes to create a working base
  • Same HUD with more stats - Use of position and dynamic HUDs will allow to use only necessary stats to the player.
  • Stats = vsHero stats - vsHero statistics can be for all stats . 
  • Stats Reg vs Fish / Reg vs Reg - It is possible to divide stats and to see as reg plays against reg or when fish in pot. 
    and many other things..

Information about Hand2Note

Positional HUD

Hand2Note can display different HUD for players who seating on different positions. For example, when you are on CO, HUD for EP and MP will be the statistics for the preflop raiser out of position, for the BTN will be statistics for callers in the position, and HUD stats on SB and BB will be for callers out of position.

Dynamic HUD

With Hand2Note you can use the most functional HUD, which enables you to show not only the different statistics for different positions, and HUD which may vary during hand.
For example, when an opponent raises on the flop, it can show frequency of raise and statistics of next action, as well as the ranges of his hands.

STAT→ Informational Pop-up

Hand2Note can display additional details on each stats: Ranges in graphic form, usage statistics and betsizing on the following actions.

Quick Notes

A handy feature allows you to create templates on notes, so you can quickly create notes on players.

Speed of processing

Speed of import in Hand2Note is 5 000-10 000 hand per second, and the speed of stats processing is 1000-3000 hands per second, which will get working database for 15-40 minutes.

Stats = vsHero stats

All stats in the HUD and the pop-ups can be supplemented by statistics vsHero. This feature can be turned on and all the stats information will be available on how they play against you.

Stats Reg vs Fish / Reg vs Reg 

It is known that the regulars play against fishey differently, not as much as against the same as they are. Hand2note allows you to use and split statistics Reg vs Reg and Reg vs Fish.

Latest Updates


Expoitation on PreFlop/PostFlop

You can get free Guide with list of Stats and Numbers that you can use against players at the table.


A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


Projects in developing

» Finding PreFlop / PostFlop leaks for MTT/SNG

More extension opportunities of gameplay analysis, contact with us for more information.