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Hand2Note Pro.Tools install

Pro.Tools v9.18
Added new HUD with TABs: pHUD ADV v3_1 for  6max tables
Added new HUD with TABs: pHUD ADV v4 for 6-9max tables
Popups Caller IP/OOP added stats for folds to overbet
In popup SQZ added stats SQZ/Fold Total
*Update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v8.67
Added new colors of pop-ups: Dark and Grey
You can choose color that you need after installation of package
Current number of pop-ups: 3 (Bright/Dark/Grey)
date without rebuild database

Pro.Tools v8.35
Changes in connection popups to 1st raise stats in pHUD ADV v3
Added and connected positional popups in pHUD ADV v3 for Showdowns popups
Added Bet/Fold stats for river in Showdown popup
Added Showdown popup with low samples stats for players with small munber of hands(Showdown/Low Samples)
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v8.15
Added new HUD ADV v3 (HUD with TABs)
Some  corrections  HUD ADV v2 for 9max and 6max tables
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools MTT/SNG v2.47
Corrections in HUDs for 9max and 6max tables
date with rebuild database

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper v4.00
Corrections in HUDs for 6max tables
date without rebuild database

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper v3.92
Added postflop stats for Limp OOP
Added preflop stats for BB,SB vs CO
Added HUD for 3max without preflopstats
Added preflop stats for BBvsEP+MP
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v7.58
In pop-ups PFR and  Caller added total stats: Fold/Bets/Raises
In pop-up ShowDown added samples for stats Bet&Win
In pop-ups ShowDown added block of stats with wins of Hero against this player
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v7.45
Changes in  pHUD ADV v2: correction in showing SQZ blocks
Correcting the description text for stats in the main pop-ups
*Update without rebuild database

Pro.Tools v7.32
Added new HUD: pHUD ADV v2 (Positiona with multilevel of stats)
Added additional popups with
 with graphical ranges
Added preflop stats for SQZ and vsSQZ
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v6.81
In  pHUD v1-2 6max added block with additional stats: vsMSS, DeepStack, BIG MSS
Added popup with stats for BIG MSS (Stats with gameplay of MSS players with 2x stasksize)
Added description of HUD: pHUD v1-2 6max
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v6.78
in HUDs added badges for betsizes
Added new HUD: pHUD v1-2 6max

*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v6.45
Added LIMP for positions (EP,MP,CO,BTN,SB) in popup PFR
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper 6max v2.83
Added HUD v2 3max with minimum postflop stats
*Undate without rebuild database

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper 6max v2.74
Added stats for Folds to Push
Added TAB for additional popup with less/more stats
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools v6.35
New dynamic HUD: dHUD v2 6max
Adding 959 badges
*update with rebuild database

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper 6max v2.45
Added HUD v2 MAX for players with more than 5000 hands
Added popups v2 MAX with more detailes stack sizes

Pro.Tools v5.84
Popup PRO-TOOLS_6max and PRO-TOOLS_9max "Addons" TAB moved from Notes 
*update without rebuild database

Pro.Tools v5.83
Fixed stats in pop-up SQZ SB 6max
*update without
 rebuild database

Pro.Tools v5.82
Fixed stats SQZ/FOLD 6max

Pro.Tools SNG Hyper 6max v2.04
New package for SNG Hyper Turbo 6max with starting stack size 25bb

Pro.Tools v5.81
Fixed stats for EP positions 6max

Pro.Tools v5.73
Fixed stats SQZ/Fold vs BTN

Pro.Tools v5.72
Fixed HUD Changes 4bet IP/OOP (pHUD v2 and v2_1)

Pro.Tools v5.70
HUD Changes Fold 3bet IP/OOP

Pro.Tools v5.63
Added templates for creating your own HUD: myHUD_HU/myHUD_6max/myHUD_9max
Added detailes stistics for limp pots

Pro.Tools v5.07
Added link from popups to detailes positional stats
Added positional popups PFR/Caller/3bet/Call3bet
Added ranges in popups and HUD (Call3bet/Call4bet/4bet)

Pro.Tools v4.12
Changes in dynamiс HUD: dHUD
Added HUD for multi tabling (pHUD v2 и v2_1) HUD for grind

Pro.Tools v3.53
Added dynamic HUD

Pro.Tools v3.0
Added HUDs
Added positional popups

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Expoitation on PreFlop/PostFlop

You can get free Guide with list of Stats and Numbers that you can use against players at the table.


A great product! It helped in adjusting and with the analysis of opponents. Play on PokerStars, NL100-200.
It is very convenient, notices are writing when you are playing on many tables and there is no opportunity to write down manually. 
Many thanks to Author!


Bought. Useful and is practical. To author respect for the excellent work.


Projects in developing

» Finding PreFlop / PostFlop leaks for MTT/SNG

More extension opportunities of gameplay analysis, contact with us for more information.