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1. Both 888Caption and 888 poker client must be run as admin:
Right click on the program shortcut, then click on Properties, select the Compability tab and turn on this option:


2. This option must be enabled in the poker client (it is not necessary for 888Caption2):


3. Computer time must be synchronized with the internet.
Otherwise, the program may not work, giving a message "License server is not responding".

4. For TableScan Turbo users. 
There are some problems with TST, it can be solved by two ways:
a) Use this sequence: Start the poker client, start TST, start scanning, start 888Caption after that.
b) Or turn off 'Settings / Sites / Use No-OCR 888 scanning method' in TST.


This problem is fixed in TableScanTurbo_Update-v1-0-13-b5

TableScan Turbo doesn't support the new 888poker client now, so if you want to use it, you should install an old client (888poker p-1-en-4-6.17-666-1 for example).


5. Poker client slows down after a while
The 888poker lobby has a memory leak when you use the 888 playernotes


6. For Avast users.
There are some problems with Avast, it can block 888Caption installing. Please disable it before install.

7. 888Caption closes when the tables opened.
The program is work in demo mode now, its free for microstakes only. If the program detects any other table, it closes automatically.
You need to request the trial to use it on any stakes. 
To do it, run the poker client, login and do not open tables. Click 'License / Request for Trial'
You can use one month trial after registering.


8. Add 888Caption and the poker client executables to an antivirus exception list, if any.

9. Poker client must be English:


10. Check the version of the poker client

There are two different versions of the 888poker client available now, a new client and an old one. has a new poker client now, but Spain and NJ networks has an old client.

You can check the version of 888poker client in Help / About:

888Caption supports the old client, and 888Caption2 supports the new client. Уou can install both 888Caption and 888Caption2 if you want, they use the same license. You can run the required version, depending on with which the client you want to work.

New client has version numbers p-1-en-4-6.17-1-23 and higher, except p-1-en-4-6.17-666-1, which is a special version of the old client with disabled autoupdate. 


You can download different versions of the 888poker clients here.

11. For users - How to change a language in the poker client to English

a. Open AppData folder (press Win+R, enter %AppData% and click Ok)

b. Go to PacificPoker\Lang folder

c. Copy Languages_PC.cxm file and 0 folder

d. Go to AppData\\Lang

e. Paste it there

f. Rename Languages_PC.cxm to Languages.cxm

g. Run client, go to User Settings / Game settings and change language to English (see #9 here).

h. Install 888Caption2 v2.24b or higher.

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